About my therapy

I am continually inspired and humbled by my clients’ resilience and ability to overcome distressing events in their life. I would be honoured to accompany you along your journey and witness you become a stronger and healthier individual, and to help you find strength and hope during these difficult times.

My philosophy is that we are all able to grow and overcome stressful situations no matter how great our adversity. We can thrive by learning how to become more authentic, leaving behind unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior, and practicing healthier relationships with ourselves and others. I believe that each of us has tremendous potential, and that with the right support, we can break through the barriers preventing us from achieving our goals and feeling truly happy with ourselves.

My counselling approach is collaborative and characterized by trust, respect, compassion, and acceptance. Your well-being is my priority. 

I will offer you personalized and effective tools to help you cope with your challenges. Ultimately, we will work to help you build confidence and gain satisfaction with yourself, your life, and your relationships

Together, let us discover new ways of thinking about yourself and create the life you deserve.